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Roof Insert Kit 35-36 plymouth & Dodge 4 door sedan. 
Kit comes with 4 bows, light block, wire mesh, and hardware. Kit comes unassembled.
$225.00 + Shipping

These are New Reproduction 1935-36 Plymouth and Dodge 4 door sedan roof insert mounting hardware. These may fit other cars. 
$15.00 each piece
$110.00 set of 8 pieces

1933 - 34 Plymouth & Dodge 4 dr Sedan roof Insert Kit
Kit comes preassembled with light block and wire mesh wire mesh installed. Metal edging and screws included but not installed. (metal egding not shown)
$500.00 kit
$125.00 Metal Edging. 

1934-35 dodge pick up Roof Insert kit
Kit comes with wood frame, wire mesh, metal edging, and screws for mounting edging.
Metal edging also sold seperate. kit comes preassembled. Insert is shown with out wire mesh. It will be installed before shippment.
Insert kit $250.00 
Metal Edging $100.00

Roof Inserts

These roof inserts are made out of solid oak. The corners are lap jointed, glued and screwed. All mounting and wiring holes are predrilled. Comes with light block and wire mesh. The metal edging is included in the kit. It is not installed so that you can adjust them according to the finish material you choose to use. Metal parts are also sold seperately. Metal Edging set $100.00 + Shipping or $12.50 each piece + Shipping
This roof insert is for 1933 PC & PD Plymouth & Dodge coupe and rumble seat coupe. Comes with metal edging and screws. This item comes preassembled.
price $275.00 + shipping

Roof Insert kit 1934 Plymouth PE Coupe Same as pictures above just a different size.

Kit comes with metal edging and screws. Edging also sold seperate.
Insert Kit   $275.00 + SHIPPING
EDGING    $100.00 + SHIPPING

Roof Insert Kit 1930 Plymouth 4 DR               
Kit comes assembled with wire mesh, metal edging and light block. it looks like the 34 dodge picture below but has 6 cross bows instead of 5 in the picture.
$500.00 + S&H

Roof Insert kit 1930 Plymouth 2 dr sedan
Kit comes assembled with wire mesh and metal edging. there is no light block in this insert from the factory but one can be added. 
$500.00  kit + shipping
$125.00 metal edging seperate + shipping