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Other wood products

These are  examples of some of my other wood products. All of these products are made from exotic woods. call for current info on what i have in stock. i can also custom make alot of products. price of custom products depends on your choice of wood.

Oven Rack Tool 
made from white oak, natural finish, your choice of shape. $5.00 ea. + shipping

Wallnut boxes. Boxes come in different sizes and shapes and types of wood. these 2 are $15.00 each

Tigerwood and white oak candy dish $20.00

toy cars 
made from assorted hard woods, and assorted styles,  $15.00 ea

wood puzzles
Test your brain. these are made from assorted exotic hard woods, no to puzzles are the same. your choice $18.00 ea.

American flag display case. your choice of wood. $50.00