Vintage Car Parts ​​

est. 2007 ​​

House Of Tops ​​

​1933 thru 35 Dodge pickup  

(roof insert kit, interior wood kit, body mounts)

1929 chrysler coupeassorted parts (call for info) 
1933 coupe(roof insert, interior kit, body mounts)
1934 coupe(roof insert, interior kit, body mounts)

This is a paritial list of cars that I currently make kits for. I have vintage car parts and classic car parts for full interior kits and individual pieces. If your car is not listed, give me a call.

I might still be able to help you.

1930 Plymouth U 2 dr sedan
(roof Insert & hardware)
1930 plymouth 4 door
(roof insert & Interior wood)
1932 Plymouth coupe
(roof Insert) 
1932 plymouth 4 dr sedan
(roof insert)
1932 plymouth 2 dr sedan
(roof insert)
1933 Plymouth PC - PD coupe & Rumble seat
(roof insert, Interior kit, and body mount)
1933 Plymouth 4 DR Sedan 
(roof insert)
1934 Plymouth 4 dr sedan
(roof insert & Interior kit)
1934 Plymouth PE coupe & rumbel seat coupe
(roof insert and Interior kit)
1934 plymouth pf coupe
(roof insert) 
1934 Plymouth Roadster
(Roof parts)
1935 & 36 Plymouth 4 dr sedan
(roof insert kit and hardware) 
1936 plymouth 2 dr sedan
(roof insert)

I am based in Portland, Oregon and reproduce these products myself. I can reproduce all 1930's  wood products. On the following pages you will find parts for your car. If you don't find what you need feel free to e-mail or call and we can get you fixed up. I am looking for patterns for any car you dont see listed below. Feel free to contact me if you have a car not listed below. I will also reproduce parts for other makes and models and I do roof insert repairs.

​1933 &34 Dodge dr coupe & rumble seat
(roof insert and Interior kit)
1933 & 34 Dodge 4 dr sedan(roof insert)
1934 Dodge convertable(roof cross bow)